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The Canonry is the supervisory organ of the Cathedral. Its origin dates back to the creation of the Cathedral itself.

The history of the Canonry of Osma is spread throughout the Chapter Minute books, and it also can be found preferentially in the rich documentation of the Cathedra Archives, as direct collaborators of the bishops for the government of the diocese, accompanying them in their pastoral visits, and taking charge of the education and preparation of the clergy and fulfilling the Synodal dispositions of the diocesan legislation.

It is currently composed of a school of priests, not yet included in the diocese of Osma-Soria, who celebrate the most solemn functions in the Cathedral Church, as well as carry out the services entrusted by the Diocesan Bishop.

Active members:
Presidente del Cabildo M.I.Sr. D. Jesús Lapeña
Liturgy Prefect: Most Illustrious Lord D. Jesús Hernández
Director de museos y patrimonio: M.I.Sr. D. Rubén Tejedor
Archivero: M.I.Sr. D. Alejandro García
Confessor: Most Illustrious Lord D. Jesús Lapeña
Organist: Most Illustrious Lord D. David Igualador
Doctoral: Most Illustrious Lord D. Juan Yagüe
Most Illustrious Lord D. Jacinto Ransanz
Most Illustrious Lord D. Manuel Tejada