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The Romanesque cathedral

The only remains of the original Romanesque cathedral from the XI century is a Romanesque ensemble found in the cloisters, made up of three blind arches and its corresponding columns, six depicting capitals and eight archivolts magnificently decorated with abstract vegetable motives, and especially with an endless bestiary that mixes human heads, sheer expression of the purest Romanesque symbolism.

Its inspiration is purely French, specifically from Languedoc, closely linked to the Romanesque of Silos.

The Gothic cathedral

The design of the Gothic cathedral was projected and carried out on top of an important plot of land occupied by the demolished Romanesque cathedral.

The Gothic Cathedral of El Burgo de Osma belongs to what has been called the early Gothic or proto-Gothic, having been built in approximately thirty or forty years and finished between 1200 and 1210, following the lines of the French Gothic cathedrals with smaller dimensions.